Our 3D Laser scanners provide unparalleled accuracy and efficiencies in solving on-site and production related problems. These scanners are at the forefront of engineering technology, capable of scanning objects up to 4m in size with an impressive accuracy of up to 0.025mm.

Additionally, our terrestrial laser scanner provides comprehensive views of complex environments and structures, allowing us to scan plant-sized areas.

Through these innovative engineering tools, we scan, evaluate and advise, offering invaluable insights into engineering clashes, mechanical fits, installations and methodologies.

Our partnership with 4D Delta enhances our engineering capabilities and your production results, utilising scan-driven data to assess and address wear management, wear liners and refractory material issues. This proactive approach ensures the longevity and optimal functionality of your assets.

Our laser services extend to providing balancing and laser alignment solutions for mechanical rotating assets. These measures contribute to the longevity of equipment and ensure optimal functionality, reducing the risk of breakdowns and improving overall performance.