Project Details

  • Industry: $60k

  • Project Tier: Tier 2
    ($100,000 – $1,000,000)

Scope of Project

Our project focuses on the comprehensive development of a custom lifter designed for the specific purpose of lifting and positioning five concrete tub wall insulation blocks beneath a coping, eliminating potential hazards and risk traditionally associated with this task.

The lifter is tailored to provide precise and efficient handling of these blocks, emphasizing safety, compliance and cost-effectiveness throughout the design and certification process.

Key Deliverables

The project has reached a critical milestone with the construction phase currently underway with detailed report outlining the calculations and finite element analysis (FEA) results, demonstrating the lifter’s structural integrity, load-bearing capacity and safety margins.

Issued for Construction (IFC) drawings have been successfully produced with precise specifications and guidelines for Mecha to manufacture and assemble the custom lifter.

Overall, the project’s success is attributed to a combination of innovative problem-solving, rigorous testing, collaboration with industry experts, and a commitment to safety and compliance throughout the design and certification process.