Project Details

  • Industry: Manufacturing

  • Project Tier: Tier 3

Scope of Project

The project involves providing maintenance services for Fin Fan bearing blocks, critical components responsible for driving ACHE (Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger) cooling fans.

The maintenance services include comprehensive overhauls of entire units, necessitating reverse engineering of deteriorated components as needed to ensure optimal functionality.

Key Deliverables

The project successfully delivered a reversed engineered product with an improved design, offering increased asset service life.

The modifications aimed at addressing the root causes of issues, contributing to a more durable and reliable Fin Fan bearing block.

The Fin Fan project showcased successful strategies for addressing challenges related to safety, efficiency and quality, resulting in a reverse engineered product that outperformed the OEM.

The focus on assessment, redesign, and in-house engineering support contributed to the project’s overall success.