Project Details

  • Industry: Manufacturing

  • Project Tier: Tier2
    ($100,000 – $1,000,000)

Scope of Project

The project involves the manufacturing of a critical infrastructure component, Lime Kiln access ramp. Functioning as a bridge between the burner floor level and the entrance into the kiln, the ramp plays a pivotal role in facilitating safe access and operational efficiency.

Leveraging existing knowledge of the site, specific assets and the operating environment, the project is to align with the client’s strategies and delivery approach while identifying opportunities for optimization in design, time frame and delivery methodology.

Key Deliverables

The project delivered a safety improvement by enhancing the working capacity of the access ramp. This contributed to operational efficiency and ensured a safer working environment. The adaptation of the fractal mechanism serves to minimize the impact on the internal kiln wall, further enhancing safety and durability.

The project adhered to all relevant Australian Standards, codes and regulations applicable to the services provided. This included comprehensive certification and compliance checks to ensure that the manufactured access ramp met the highest safety and quality standards.

Our project outcome focused on the strategic manufacturing of the access ramp, addressing challenges through innovative solutions and emphasizing safety and quality.

Our deliverables included safety improvements, adherence to standards and a comprehensive Quality Management Plan to ensure the success of the project.